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free Linux course [Alex]

Dear All,

I will start teaching free Linux course starting from 1/2/2008 , if any one interesting please Email me at [email protected] with -name -job -background

Course content :-

* Red Hat Linux Essentials

* Red Hat Linux System Administration

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux Network Services and Security Administration

course qualification :-

* basic knowledge with computer , networking * preferred to have laptop


Ali abdo 0121317989

I'm in Linux Let's

I'm in

Linux Let's Free The World

انا معاكم

شكرا على الكورس أنا كنت محتاجه أوى . بس الكورس هيبقى فين ؟؟؟ وهيبقى كام يوم فى الأسبوع ؟؟؟ عدد ساعات كل مره وهل صباحا أم مساءاً ؟؟؟ وكمان هيخلص الكورس فى قد ايه ؟؟؟


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Thanks, add me. and plz

Thanks, add me.

and plz give us more details about the place and the times of the course

please send your conntact information

Over view :

You have basic Windows knowledge and you want to enlarge your knowledge with Linux Platform. The story begins with RH033. This education is dedicated to persons who have basic knowledge of Windows platform and without any experience with Unix and Linux platform. The main task of this course is to introduce the participants in basics of Linux system administration. Education is designed to build up conceptual transition of Windows to Linux in the area of multi platform system.


A Red Hat Linux user who can be productive in using and customizing his or her own Red Hat Linux system for common command line processes and desktop productivity


IT professionals who want to build user-level skills before learning Linux System administration and Network Administration.


User-level experience with any computer system, including: use of mouse, use of menus and use of any graphical user interface, fair knowledge with networking .


3hour/days every Saturday

place :

Future protectors association Roushdy, Al-Ma'emari Compound, in front of Roushdy Tram Station Alex

Prepares for:

-RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration

-RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration and RHCT

course out lines 1-Linux Ideas and History

what is the open source history of open source Linux Origins Linux Distributions Red hate Distributions Linux principles

  1. -Linux Usage Basics

Logging in to a Linux System Switching between virtual consoles and the graphical environment Elements of the X Window System Starting the X server Changing Your Password The “root” user ... ?

  1. -Running Commands and Getting Help

shell ... ? what is Command ? Running Commands Some essential Commands Reading Usage Summaries The whatis, which, whereis Commands The man Command and man Pages The info Command and info Pages get more help and Documentation

  1. -Browsing the Filesystem

Linux File Hierarchy Concepts Some Important Directories File and Directory Names Absolute and Relative Pathnames Creating and Removing Files Creating and Removing Directories

  1. -Users, Groups and Permissions

Users Groups Linux File Security Permission Precedence Permission Types Examining Permissions Changing File Ownership Changing Permissions Symbolic, Numeric Method and Nautilus Symbolic link and hard link

  1. - Using the bash Shell

Command Line Shortcuts File Gobbling, The Tab Key History , History Tricks Command Line Expansion tilde, Commands and Braced Sets Command Editing Tricks gnome-terminal Scripting Basics Creating Shell Scripts Samples

  1. -Standard I/O and Pipes

Redirecting Output to a File , Examples Redirecting STDOUT to a Program (Piping) Combining Output and Errors Redirecting STDIN from a File Sending Multiple Lines to STDIN Scripting: for loops , examples

  1. - Text Processing Tools

Tools for Extracting Text Special Characters for Complex Searches Regular Expressions

  1. -vim: An Advanced Text Editor

Introducing vim vim: A Modal Editor Visual Mode Using multiple "windows" Configuring vi and vim

  1. - Basic System Configuration Tools

TCP/IP Network Configuration Managing Ethernet Connections

  1. -Investigating and Managing Processes

What is a Process? Listing Processes, Finding Processes Signals ,Sending Signals to Processes Scheduling Priority Altering Scheduling Priority Job Control Grouping Commands , Exit Status Conditional Execution Operators The test Command Scripting: if Statements

  1. - Configuring the Bash Shell

Bash Variables Environment Variables Some Common Variables Aliases How bash Expands a Command Line , Preventing Expansion Login vs non-login shells Bash startup tasks: profile Bash startup tasks: bashrc Bash exit tasks Scripting: Taking input with positional Parameters Scripting: Taking input with the read command

  1. -Finding and Processing Files

locate find The Gnome Search Tool

  1. - Network Clients

Web Clients Non-GUI Web Browsers wget Email and Messaging Evolution Non-GUI Mail Clients Gaim OpenSSH: Secure Remote Shell , scp rsync: Efficient File Sync FTP Clients smbclient File Transfer with Nautilus Xorg Clients

  1. -Advanced Topics in Users, Groups and Permissions

User and Group ID Numbers User management tools System Users and Groups Monitoring Logins Default Permissions Special Permissions for Executables Special Permissions for Directories

  1. -The Linux Filesystem In-Depth

Partitions and Filesystems Inodes Directories Inodes and Directories cp and inodes mv and inodes rm and inodes Hard Links ,Symbolic The Fundamental File types Checking Free Space Removable Media Mounting Archiving Files and Compressing, Extracting Archives

  1. - Essential System Administration Tools

Planning an Installation Performing an Installation Managing Services Managing Software The Yum Package Management Tool Graphical Package Management Securing the System SELinux Packet Filtering iptables

انا عايز أجي ممكن

انا عايز أحضر ممكن تعملوا حسابي بس انا وفتي ضيق جدااا في الشغل فممكن تقولولي علي المواعيد علشان أشوف اقدر اقولكم تعملوا حسابي ولا لا وانا هبعت علي الإيميل كمان

Mohamed Ragab

sorry registration closed

sorry registration closed y man

i'm in

i really need this cours so please inform me befor it start

i'm in

i really need this cours so please inform me befor it start

Dear All. we will start

Dear All.

we will start Linux course next Saturday

Time : 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Place : مركز التفوق Address :num 176 ش عمر لطفى سبورتنج على الترام بجوار مسجد التقوى Phone : 5903920 Group email [email protected] Note: every one will bay 4 EGP for Classroom rent

Any one can come , you can invite your friends or colleagues



will be there iSA

Dear linatrix,

Thanks for this great chance and open the course to more people.

I'll be there on time iSA.


Linux Let's Free The World

finishing the first of redhat course

the first of redhat Linux course has been done yesterday 6-3-2009

What is the best linux

What is the best linux distribution for learning to use many? First, a bit about my background.. I currently work as a Network Engineer, mainly with Cisco routers/switches and VPN devices. I am throughly familiar with Windows, both as a workstation and server, and have one more test to go to complete my MCSE. However, I have no real experience with Linux, and feel like this is both a hole in my personal knowledge and in my resume. :) I can do basic user stuff both from a command line and in Xwindows, but have no real command of it.

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ubuntu or redhat

hi maryleen,

There's nothing like a best linux, but there are distros may be more close to your needs.

As u said, you are a network engineer, so you need something fairly easy and gives you the power you need. I suggest that you start with ubuntu, as it's user friendly and easy to use. If you do need some proffesional/enterprise tools you may think about checking redhat, as it focuses mainly on enterprises needs. Personally I highly recommend ubuntu (or its father, debian) for you.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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