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Do you think that "eglug" should be changed to something else ?

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eglug is good one but,.........

eglug is a good name as manal said but it can be changed to another which is not related with eglug or we can leave it eglug,coz it's known as eglug for a period......

mildewy known as hassan :D

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EGLUG is better

I Think EGLUG is better, coz it can also be Egypt Gnu Linux User Group ;-)

Manal Hassan

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name do make a differance!

for instance the usual accepted code for Egypt by Egyptians is Egy not Eg , which hardly means anything, i think EgLUG is just too messy for EgyPtians who are used to Egy more than Eg, so IMHO it should be EgyLUG not EgLUG. or even better LUGypt or LUGEgypt or Egypt LUG or something that enfisises Egypt not some obsecure code,

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On the one hand, I believe `EG' being the ISO country code is the logical default.

On the other, I see arius' point about marketability.

Me being the compromise guy, how about if we had a marketable domain like and pointed it here? I know that's not addressing the core issue, but it's certainly a beginning.

Further down the road, perhaps there is a hack in drupal which can switch displayed elements according to whether the visitor came in by or, f.ex.,

Consider this comment of mine a compromise sub-thread; post ideas for compromising in here.


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I object

I totaly object to this suggestions.

its stupid and its b0rked.

a community can't have two names.

it will take too much effort to make drupal swap themes according to url, it will take many hacking to make drupal accept this (since it is designed to allow multiple pages over a single installation, convincing it that multiple domains are in fact for a single page will take much hacking).

drupal unlike other webware gets updated frequently, maintaining back patches like this will either mean we have to do lots of work every month or two or we have to live with an old version forever.

all this for zero gain IMO.

and how about when we organize events or meet people, do we call ourselves egylug wala eglug?

you marketoids are out of your minds.

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messy url

I don't see how a url is messy, as long as its easy to remember and dictate I see no problem.

yahoo and google are very popular domains with no meaning at all, in the case of google its even a totaly new word yet no one suffers.

I think you're putting to much weight to the name, the name never affects how successful a thing is IMO.

eglug is a perfectly simple name, easy to remember and dictate, I don't se that it makes more sense than egy or less.

which means I don't realy care they're the same to me, except we already have the eglug domain, so I vote for eglug for convenience.

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what was the long name of google in HHGTG ? googlebrox ? googlebartistalftasttat ?

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The First Comment to me :) . in Comments World

ana ra2ye men ra2yak arius32 better be EgyLUG .

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do u think the name is the importatn or what the group up for and want to do and give to the community ;) do u think the name that matter as much as the good work do?? ;)

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It's not a matter of the name

It's not a matter of the name. The point is that this issue was raised on IRC, So A vote was suggested. admins and mods. can't say yes or no, This is up to the community.

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The Last Comment to me :(

admins and mods. can't say yes or no, This is up to the community. ADminS didn't say yes or no . It's Just ra2ye. have a fun .

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Now we're just waiting to find out who mods is so they can also not say yes or no. :p


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