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sample letter

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This is an initial attempt for a letter to be directed to companies, don't use as is, read it carefully and edit it first

Dear Sir,

As you know, this festival is considered to be a community activity to populate free software and open source, as well as a community gathering for old and expert users and developers. Such a gathering happen to be of an interest to companies which uses/produces free open source software as COMPANY_NAME.

Please if you are interested reply to us soon cause as you can see we are kind of short in time, if you are not interested in sponsoring we hope you can come and join us and become a part of the community.

Thanks alot.




Is this open for

Is this open for modification ? I mean, can I start mangling it ?

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although it's already sent to some companies, but we can modify it for the new ones

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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