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ItemAmountEstimated costnotes
Flyers10,000750done (still need fatora daribeya)
T-shirts50825may be more
ID's for volunteers50150we are gonna buy them
Banners35501x 180x60 + 2x 200x85 with stand
CD's (blanks only)1,000825done
Printing CD labels1,000750done (still need fatora darybeya)


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I'm handling the finance

and I have the money from sponsors. If anybody needed anything to be spent for the installfest contact me directly.

Please anybody spends any amount of money try to get 'fatoora daribeya'

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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كنت عاوز بس

كنت عاوز بس احييك بجد على مجهودك و المتطوعين اللى معاك كنتوا بجد الله ينور 100 فلة شمعة منورة

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