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meeting this friday in alex

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Hey guys,

after the successful installfest that happened in alex, I guess that we should make a meeting to all the volunteers that participated in this event (and all volunteers in eglug). I'm suggesting this friday or saturday. Any suggestions about the time/place?

same time and place for

same time and place for out last meetings

6:30 pm
btw I prefare Saterday
no problem with Friday

Linux Let's Free The World

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make it Friday but around

make it Friday but around 5 will be ok for me, i have some dates on late on Friday and i'm busy on Saturday or make it Sunday any day on the next week.

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Friday is suitable for me,

Friday is suitable for me, as I have to travel to Cairo at Saturday

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Friday is ok.

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dismiss Friday & Saturday

dismiss Friday & Saturday I am to busy to be there.

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Friday or Saturday both

Friday or Saturday both are fine by me I suggest Clay cafe instead of el mahrousa though , el mahrousa dawsha awi

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