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Fedora Directory Server

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Hi, every one This is my very first post in this LUG, Actually I, am very impressed with this forum, that discuss and shares the linux knowledge, I am an old Linux guy, and have RHCE, Certificate which is renewed at May 2008, My preferred linux Distributions is Fedora Linux and of course the RHEL, On, my HP Pavilion dv5 Laptop, I have installed the fedora 9, and it works very well, it takes me sometime to customize my kernel, to let my sound and wireless works, but eventually its running perfectly. On my desktop, I have installed RHEL 5, and configured it to work as Web Server, which is already on the Internet around a year ago, also its equipped with a wireless D Link PCI card to work as an access point at my home area, and with two Ethernet cards, one connected to my DSL router, and the other one is for my very secure lan, I have created my web site, to publish my experience and to encourage more people at egypt to try using linux as a very very good replacement for the commercial MS windows, that cost alot of money, Of course many other services are running on my Linux Desktop,(Mail ,SSH, Squid, ftp ... At the moment I am studying seriously the fedora Directory server, to my pleasure to contact and communicate with people interested with the FDS

Lastly, I very happy to be here, and many thanks to every one sharing in this LUG


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welcome khaled MY

welcome khaled

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