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Debugging session.

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Today I was forced to give the debugging session at the sakia. I had come prepared to help Mohammed Sameer in presenting the session but I was not prepared to give the whole session on my own.

I used Mohammed Sameer's openbox patch to demonstrate a bug and it's story from reporting to fixing, and fixing of the fix ( my modification of the patch )

I hoped that someone good in using gdb or strace would show up, but it didn't happen so I postponed it to the next session.

I hope the people who attended were at least partially satisfied with what they heard ( and maybe learnt ).


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I'm Honored to have u teaching me and all of us for sure :) ... thanks ... Next time ba2a study some real Bug Hunting not Patching :PP ... anywayz thanks awy begad gedan keteer thanks ... and MohammedSameer : I'M GONNA KILL YA WHEN I SEE U ... Hackerz Hackerz Hackerz Hackerz

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Yes, I'm sorry.

Guys, I didn't say that i didn't do a mistake by not giving the session.

No, I'm sorry again, And I really feel bad for not coming.

But I was at the office yesterday till 2:00 am. and I couldn't wake up in the morning, LUCY didn't phone at 9:00 am as he said he'll.

Really sorry again guys.

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It's okay

No prob Mohammed, I got slaughtered in your place ;)

Anyways pls show up somewhere sometime so we know your still alive leave messages or tell na6oosh to declare your news. Send email, pm. Send snailmail even use pigeons. just tell me so that I could get ready.

Hey want the adjustment of the patch?

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About this session

About this session , i think that it's better to publish the course or the session on the web site under a specific dir. like documentation cause if someone wasn't able to participate to this session these documents give him the ability to follow up later and also for ppl in alex to follow up thanks

Mina Ramses F.
email: [email protected]
email: [email protected]
email: [email protected]
Computer society IEEE Org.

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only if

of course if the some material or documentation where prepared they should be published on the website, but the thing is there is no obligation to prepare any material or documentation.

I encourage the people who participated in sessions to do some extra research and write down what they learned in our wiki, this way the benefit can spread and they can cement their knowledge.



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