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Logical Volume Managements

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Hi, one of the most interesting facility of the Linux OS, is the ability to manage storage devices in a very efficient and reliable manner, far more advanced than other commercial OS's.With linux LVM, you can easily create a logical group, from different disk drives, then devide it to a logical volumes, and format these volumes as ext2/ext3 filesystem, or whatever filesystem you like, then use it the same way you use disk partition, to store your data....

But why do I need such thing ? the answer is simple, if you like to create a very large storage unit, if you want to increase the Disk input/output performance,...yes with stripped mapping, you can create a storage unit (ie: logical volume) which consists of many hard disks that all works together in parallel, just like hooking another horse to pull the carriage more faster,.... to create a snapshot, which is very interesting, with LVM,.....and many other things all these could be done using the IDE, SATA, SCSI disk drives, so nothing can stops you except your imaginations.....

I just written, a complete article, about this topic at :



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if you want really to

if you want really to enrich this place and the users of linux learn howto use wiki .. there is a wiki here you can post on it your howtos and docs without needing for an external link on your own web site .. thanks

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just a reply

Search String: [email protected]

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yes, you are absolutely right,....I was completely wrong to just try to give my own experience, here in an egyptian discussion forum !! you are right... ok its only my second post here, sorry about that ..i will quit now. thank you


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over reacting

Nero said nothing wrong, he pointing you for right place to post your articles, you are just overreacting,no one asked you to come and no one will beg you to stay,

I Was Known as POSIX

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Hey, Nero didn't say

Hey, Nero didn't say anything offending, why do you take the matter so personally?? If you notice the articles section, many people are contributing to it, for example I wrote an article and I published it in my blog, this website and many other forums, you don't need to be selfish, have the spirit of free software...

Bye Bye..

The way I see it. You are trying to people to access your blog(which seems to be down at the time of writing). You can achieve that by putting this article in the wiki and putting a link to your blog at the end of it or something...


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