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meeting to plan for summer events

Hi Eglugers :D

Please I wish this meeting ASAP with any number of attends and minimum requirements, briefly we want to be fixable. I don't wish the lug to be inactive for such long time.

Please anyone has any suggestions or any action, please replay to this topic.

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Sure we need a meeting, and it was postponed cause most of who should attend the meeting had exams.

About the meeting to be flexible, I guess you are talking about that I insisted that it should be a meeting for all of our volunteers (of course who can come) and it should be in a place other than a cafe or so. Actually I think we do need such a thing to talk all together. u know cafes won't be a place we can talk all together without being kicked out of there :P

Anyway i've contacted iTi, and ghada is checking for other places. Please if anyone think of any other place say so and work on it.


Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

Sugested place

Hi guys,

This is a suggested place where we can held our meeting

مركز التفوق

Address :No 176 ش عمر لطفى سبورتنج على الترام بجوار مسجد التقوى
Phone : 5903920

Suggested time 6:00 - 8:00 pm any day except Friday and Satuerday.

Please pick a day to calll them to assign that time for us.

Waiting for replys.

Let's Free The World

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seems cool

This is more than cool with me.. I have somethings to do this wednesday otherwise anyday will be fine.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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I'm good with that too, just

I'm good with that too, just make sure it is after the 25th, I do have one exam left and a wedding to attend, so any day after the 25th will be great.

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يعني ولا مؤاخذه

يعني ولا مؤاخذه في السؤال، المكان في القاهرة؟

المكان في اسكندرية

مأظنش انه معمول في AlexLUG forum علشان يكون المكان في القاهرة :)

Let's Free The World

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أخ، مخدتش بالي

أخ، مخدتش بالي من دي، وأتأراني الوحيد اللي مش فاهم حاجه :P

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شباب القاهرة يا ريت ينورونا

لما نختار مكان حنبعته على openstreetmap ولو حد من القاهرة عايز ييجى ينورنا طبعا

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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another suggested place

  • Concerning our meeting .. I've talked to a course' center .. and the engineer I know there said that there is absolutely no problem to have the meeting there .. bas benesbet 90% - as he says - beto3 el darayeb will pass by .. so if we have got no problem with them .. we can go ahead contact the secretary and manage the date and time . ha ? peace ?

So may bahaa2008 and Ghada both say how much does each of them cost? and any other requirements?

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy


So it will be depends on the number of attendees.

Let's Free The World

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Sorry for my VERY late reply Ok! I'll contact them tomorrow isA and check if any requirements are needed .. On another subject .. what do u think of Thursday ?

Ghada Zakaria

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this thursday is not ok with me

I have some urgent stuff this thursday :(

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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NVM :)

NVM .. Then it's nest week isA .. I'll try to check starting from Sunday to make it as early as possible isA Ghada Zakaria

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سنتر بايونيير

دى تفاصيل السنتر اللى معايا

العنوان : 231 شارع بورسعيد ، سبورتنج .. الدور الأول .. مركز بيونير.. جمعية صحابة الخير (لو قررنا ان هو ده..هوصفهلكم اكتر ان شاء الله )

الدخول : 3 جنيه للفرد

القاعة تستحمل لغاية 50 فرد ..

و مناسبهم الاحد الجاى الساعة 6 بس عايزينى ارد عليهم اول ما نعرف

Ghada Zakaria

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To summerize

To summerize what's said:

Proposed Date & Time: Sunday 28th June, 6 to 8pm

Proposed Places:

  • مركز التفوق: 176 ش عمر لطفى سبورتنج على الترام بجوار مسجد التقوى
    • Costs L.E 4/person
  • مركز بيونير- جمعية صحابة الخير: 231 شارع بورسعيد ، سبورتنج
    • Costs L.E 3/person
    • We may have issues with darayeb
    • Takes up to 50 person

My openion would go to the first one cause of the darayeb issue, we don't want issues with these guys.

bahaa2008, can you confirm that we don't need any paperwork and how much people the place can take?

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

About Eltafawk Center

They have about 5 classrooms + weight board , but i'm not sure about the capacity of each one but it's about 30 persons.
The main issue to me what I will told them about the purpose of renting, should I tell them it's a meeting or a course.
I think a course would be fine and may not need any paperwork, but meeting will let them ask many questions that's my opinion.

Let's Free The World

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Lahza ya gama3a !

ِGuys .. just wanna highlight something .. mawdo3 el darayeb dah sha3'al 3ala kol el centers men el sana elly fatet 3ala yady ! bas just bcoz they are my friends there we keda .. they told me to get ready if that happened .. ya3ny whatever u choose .. e23melo hesab dah.. homa mesh mesta2saden el center dah bas !

Ghada Zakaria

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ايه يا جماعة

ايه يا جماعة ؟ مش المفروض نقول قرار نهائى بقى عشان اللى هيكلم السنتر ، يكلمه يأكد عليه Ghada Zakaria

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yalla Vote

طيب يا جماعة .. احنا دلوقتى عندنا 2 سنتر .. واحد ب 3 جنيه و التانى ب 4 .. أنا برشح اللى بتلاتة .. و ان يكون الاجتماع يوم الثلاثاء ان شاء الله.. عشان كمان الناس تلحق تعرف.. يا ريت كل حد يقول رأيه بسرعة .. عشان اللى هيكلم السنتر يكلمه يأكد معاه

Ghada Zakaria

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I'm perfectly okay with

I'm perfectly okay with either place...

I'm with the center u suggested

Ghada i'm I'm with the center u suggested so lets move on ...

but remember what will we say to darayeb people this is very important..

Let's Free The World

I am in

Heeeey alll

missed you soo much

law 2asdko 3ala yoom el talat elly howa 30-6 , it's ok with me , i am free all day isA

Good luck all

c u there

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Tuesday @ 6pm is perfectly fine with me

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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el slamo 3lekam

  • i will be there isa Tuesday @ 6pm
  • really sorry Mekawy but i was so busy in alto of things after exams
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5las.. I'll confirm date and time with the center isA ASAP .. Tuesday @ 6pm .. See you alll there isA :)

Ghada Zakaria

I am coming

I am coming isA whatever the place . I am a Linux user from a bout 1 year + ITI-UNIX graduate + Mekkawy's student :D

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