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phaeronix installed in SAKIA!

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Now you can test the first from scratch egyptian distro brought to you by true eglug veteran phaeronix. Okay maybe not veteran. But IT IS installed there go and find it in one or two of the boot menus, boot it and try it.

Then drop me message saying if you liked it, or it was bad etc...

Remember it's still beta, and oh don't try urpmi, apt-get or any other auto stuff, cuz there just ain't any. If you know hoe to compile the source, if you don't tell me and I'll see what can I do.


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Sounds interesting. Why don't you sell me on it on Saturday?


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xp theme!!

i hate to say this , since it seems like a well thought of distro, but the defaults really are not conveiniant (suck) , rox single click navigation, and MS like interfaces just never seem right to me at least specially coupled up with a pasture desktop, it was a bit too much, configuration wasn't obvious, even thoug i'm personally a rox + xfce user myself i didn't like the desktop, for instance one thing that really nagged at me, was useing 2 components that did the same thing on the desktop, namely xfce4-iconbox, and thr rox panel drop-in window list, why? generally speeking the desktop needs a lot of tweeking , prgram lists and catigorisation needs to be revised.

i do love the gtk2 or plain qt only concept though ..

great work ya phearon , the hard part is well built, only problem that really bothers me is the desktop!

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Thanx anyway

It's just enough that you took the time to look into the system which is more than I can say for others.. So you don't like the XP theme, okay but how many more people didn't like it? I know at least 10 who liked. Single click navigation no prob consider it gone. Menu categorization is as easy as opening ~/Choices/ROX-Menu/menu_root/ and moving folders around. Do it and send me the modified categorisation. Personnaly I like iconbox because I use it to switch between programs on different virtual disktops, where it shows them by different colors and shows the a small icon of the program so it doesn't get cluttered up fast like the rox tasklist. besides if you don't like it just right click and close it, if more people say of this I'll close it by default. Anything else just tell me.

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most of saturday visitors tried it

I made sure to give orders to everyone wether they're eglug members or n00bs to test phaeronix, so it did get alot of action last saturday.



"u know i once dream that the office of mobinil is from el 7`os :S and the one that answer u and tell u rasidak a girl called ghada"

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yeah the xp theme suck

the xp theme is not nice at all. Also the autohide drives me nuts

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single click navigation ?

i like the single click navigation.

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remove non free software

I didn't find any reason for you to put non free software like adobe acrobat. You should put ggv or xpdf instead. ggv even opens formats that adobe acrobat can't.

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good ideas

here's a good Idea but I used acrobat reader because it looked like an easy choice with little dependencies and had a working mozilla plugin.

GGV is gnome dependant something I wouldn't like for a minimal system. Xpdf may fill in if it has a mozilla plugin I'll look into it.

And alaa thanx for the publicity, I was hoping you'd have some thoughts too ( regardless of your GUI-less dreams ). I await more comments.

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