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First Session for Summer

Hi Eglugers,

According to last meeting we decided to have sessions for the members from alex we need now to set a topic for the session until we get confirmation about time and place.

I suggest to have a session about "How to Solve your problems with Linux?".

great but .....

Asslamo 3likom I think it is a nice idea but I think to discuss it we must be more specific like determining h/w problems / networking /installation /.....and so

or just put some sub-titles bc some ppl may come then found it differs than what they expect .

just opinion

I mean

I mean here to talk about solving problems in general (Resources,Search,Basic Skills Required).
May we can talk specific sessions later, this is a good point too.

Let's Free The World

ok 4 sure

thanx . I hope 2 b in Alex 4 attending isA .

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if u do have the mails for

if u do have the mails for the people who cam to the meeting .. u can send them the url and tell ppl on IRC as well

Ghada Zakaria

any news about iTi

any news about the availability of iTi places, If not i'll held a session on IRC. As we don't need place to meet.
Any one interested pleas replay to this message.

Let's Free The World

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I don't know, but shouldn't

I don't know, but shouldn't we evaluate our knowledge first? Because some guys already passed such level, I am just sounding out my opinion...


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