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LAN Party!

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Last meeting was good and many people suggested a lot of things, I have an idea to spend time and have fun.

So I got the idea of making a LAN Party, so who is interested? and where/when can we make it?

What games would you like to play? (multiplayer of course)

We need a place, machines, Linux, a switch...

What do you suggest?


Update: we can make two simultaneously in Alexandria and Cairo and connect them both through the Internet (if we got a place that has a connection), and people outside Egypt also can join.

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Tremulous and I can pwn any of you :-p

Get my gpg key: gpg --recv-key --keyserver 4CFE7230 Key Fingerprint: C5A6 BE2B 594A F616 E3C2


looks exciting. and i was thinking of T.E.G. ... boring me.

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meen? cvirus??

huh? are you still alive? :P

welcome back :)

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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  • bzflag, the traditional LAN party game.
  • Battle for wesnoth.

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I suggest OpenArena, or

I suggest OpenArena, or ArenaLive ;) netpanzer, doom, etc.. I think that the party will be online, not on LAN, because there isn't any good suggested places, share your ideas here please.


My blog :)

DOta LAN game :) custom

DOta LAN game :)


welcome to the lug Laris8a.

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