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ITI Courses by EGLUG

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These are the courses that will be provided at the ITI please every Saturday as mentioned by Ghada in the previous thread.


  • Linux System Basics
  • Basic CLI
  • System Administration
  • BASH Scripting 0x01
  • BASH Scripting 0x02
  • Networking in Linux
  • Basic Security Practices
  • GUI
  • Compiling LAMP!
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I am very excited to attend

I am very excited to attend these sessions, don't forget I will give you lxde :P


My blog :)

I'm interested too

I'm interested too
i can help with the first 2 sessions and the last 2 sessions :D
count me in.

Let's Free The World

You had to put something in

You had to put something in hex, hadn't you ?

Compiling LAMP is too complicated for a first time compile job. I strongly advice against it. Let's pick something smaller, please...


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I have 16 fingers in each

I have 0x0A fingers in each hand, sorry, but decimal is for humans :P

And the LAMP thing is kinda of a final assignment for people to test what they all learned from all the sessions, and it is not only compiling it, but also getting everything of it running.

Compilation and whatnot will be taught System Administration

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I second LAMP

compiling and setting up LAMP isn't a bad job if it's a hands-on session under the supervision of the max number we can get to support the guys. I see it as a fair end to the training.

Anyway about something smaller, the idea is to compile something with some depencies and some configurations. We can compile something like nginx web server or so. The other thing that I think of is the feeling of accomplishment of a usable server from scratch.

Anyway let's check suggestions of something can be used and really worths a hands on session not following a howto from any website.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Generally speaking, you

Generally speaking, you should not compile and install stuff from source especially if it's an exposed service like Apache.

By doing that, you bypass the distro security team and become responsible for patching and upgrading it.

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you are right, but...

I do compile apache (or another web server) cause I sometimes need certain features in a latest versions.

The main purpose of compiling LAMP is to make the guys well aware of compiling more than one thing that depend on each other (like apache and php) and try to do some hard configurations, beside the feeling of accomplishment of doing something relatively big.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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The way to proceed depends

The way to proceed depends on the extra features you want/need.

It's always better to rebuild the distro packages after adding what you need. and redoing that whenever there's an update. Sure it's not good but I'd rather take that route.

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That is really great

I really wanna come, I am definitely in in shaa Allah.

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I won't be able to contribute in this course

Hey guys,

I won't be able to contribute in this course, Please assign someone to be a tracker for this thing and i'll hand the iTi contacts to him.

I suggest one among BrokenArrow, d4de, Extend. Please anyone interested contact me directly.


Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

I can't help in the

I can't help in the organization/tracking. I can only help with giving the actual sessions. I also recommend Bahaa for this.


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Actually It's monday, if

Actually It's monday, if nobody took the initiative I guess we should cancel the course

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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We shouldn't , i recommend

We shouldn't , i recommend Bahaa to be responsible for the whole thing

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bahaa, are you up to organize this with iTi and the volunteers who will give the course? ghada handles the attendees part.

Please confirm

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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I don't agree on "Compiling

I don't agree on "Compiling LAMP" or any other compiling suggestions replace it with any other useful session.

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