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EGLUG Summer Courses Assignments

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  • 0x0c System Administration RESERVED TO BAHAA SALAMA

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0x10 Amr Ali. I'm done.

0x10 Amr Ali.

I'm done.

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0x11 Khalid Yousif

0x11 Khalid Yousif ;)


My blog :)

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0x0d BASH 0x1 0x0e BASH

0x0d BASH 0x1 0x0e BASH 0x2

I'll take those too as well

Networking in Linux Mohamed

Networking in Linux Mohamed El Sayed

Bahaa Salama

Bahaa Salama
Basic Cli
System Administration

Let's Free The World

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I will take responsibility

I will take responsibility of this sessions "Installing LAMP, deploying a web based php application like WORDPRESS"

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