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[HOW-TO] Bridge Network Interface in VirtualBox

When U install VirtualBox and need to connect to your Guest box with an IP in the same range that you using not the range that VirtuaBox (Which using DHCP and you Host box acts like the DHCP Server for the guest boxes different range and the actual IP of the guest box is the same of your host box ip).

If you have the same problem so this is the how to you looking for :D.

Let's Start First you have to install VirtualBox :p if u did not install it it's simple.
Now let's go the real work :o :)

Step 1
You need to install "bridge tools" and "User-mode Linux (utility programs)"

     sudo apt-get install uml-utilities bridge-utils

Step 2
Create a TAP Interface and username is your username (eg. in my case it's bahaa)
so i should type

Step 3
Create the Bridge as br0 is the bridge interface name (you can name it as u like)

Step 4
You need to set your network interface in promisc mode "this means it's shared with all interfaces connected to it" in our case will be the bridge interface br0

Step 5
Now we will link our real interface eth0 to the bridge interface br0

Step 6
Assign an IP to the br0. If you are using DHCP Or, if you assign an IP yourself

Step 7
Link TAP to bridge br0

Step 8
Activate TAP interface

Step 9
Add the default gateway to your bridge interface Where is your gateway ip (eg. router ip in most cases).

Step 10
Change the permission of /dev/net/tun

Step 11
At the VirtualBox startup panel, choose “Host Interface” and add “tap1″ to “Interface Name”.

Step 12
At the guest (after boot up the guest OS), change the IP of the guest OS to the same subnet of your host. this is example for

    iface eth0 inet static


Step 13
Now, you can connect to the guest OS by its IP in VirtualBox.

When you reboot your guest OS, you need to repeat the Step 2 to 10 to Again. Or, you can create a executable script to make your job easy.

Have fun :D
BTW I'm using this way and it works with me in Ubuntu 9.04.



No longer need this


I'm using VBOX version 3.0.2 and with this version, you don't need all these commands as they already fixed this problem a few months ago.

Just install the latest version from and it'll work perfect with you.


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