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Moving EGLUG to a VPS?

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Currently, if anyone doesn't know, EGLUG site is on shared hosting offered free for us by a generous person. But as I see, we do need to move eglug again to a VPS to have a better performance and to have a full control over it.

IMHO we have 4 options regarding that issue:

  1. we try to get a free vps from a sponsoring egyptian company.
  2. we get a vps at cost from one of our friends
  3. we stay as we are.

Personally, I would go for number 2. If we can't (or have issues with) number 1.

Any suggestions from anyone?

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I object.

What's wrong with the current performance ? What extra features and control do you need ?

Previously, it was the admins who pay for that. It ended up to be a tedious problem because people won't pay and you end up chasing them.

We don't want a company to sponsor that in order bot to affect the LUG and it's decisions.

Same goes for someone hosting it, My VPS couldn't stand the load when I hosted it for a while nor did Alaa's VPS. Of course that was long ago when we were more (or less ?) active ;-)

I object.

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Well actually what I'm

Well actually what I'm proposing is that it is being payed by admins, in the same manner that it used to be.

About the sponsorship thing, personally I don't have anything against it, if we got any problem with the company sponsoring the site, we will just migrate it to a paid VPS, instead of paying from day zero.

about someone hosts it, the site is quite heavy that anyone to host it will need a server upgrade, which means more money.

why I wanna do this? actually the current shared hosting has issues, as u know the preformance, mysql db issues, .. etc. Besides as we are getting somehow active currently, why not have our own VPS?

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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Asking the admins to pay is

  1. Asking the admins to pay is repeating the same mistake again. It will not work. Especially that you are in different cities and due to the economical problems we are facing.
  2. Migrate upon problems ? GO TO 1 :-)
  3. The guy has been hosting it without complaining. What happened now ?
  4. For the 2nd time you are saying that shared hosting has issues. Would you kindly state some of those issues please ?


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from alexa: Very Slow

from alexa:

Average Load Time for

Very Slow (7.149 Seconds), 94% of sites are faster.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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not enough

give me break .

I Was Known as POSIX

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Updates to this issue

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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free VPS

we getting it for free, and for sure its not with rackspace,

if you can get us Free VPS or have commitment from EGLUG members to pay , or any other one committed to pay , then i agree and i think no one could disagree,

i would like to have dedicated cluster, its matter of budget , and as our budget is zero -AFAIK - also with our site activity , i think shared hosting with its current performance is suitable for me,

i almost come here every day, the err page u posting was couple of days ago and it happened once.


I Was Known as POSIX

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