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EGLUG going to VPS - at last :)

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Hi all,

This hosting plan is as following:

  • 360 M RAM
  • 4 Xen CPU Instances.
  • 16G HDD (on a RAID 10 sotrage)
  • 200G monthly bandwidth

I have met him and already took the money from him. Admins team should decide when the move is going to happen isA.

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I still object. You

I still object.

  1. You should not take money for EGLUG without consulting the current administration team.
  2. What will happen after a year ?
  3. I didn't see much agreement with you when you proposed the move. Are you trying to force it this way ?
  4. I still don't understand why a move is needed.

Why don't you update our Drupal installation to the latest 6.x before 7 gets released and we lose the security support instead of trying to fix the hosting which is not broken ?

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who told you that the admins

  1. who told you that the admins team wasn't consulted?
  2. after a year we will have to search for another alternative, which is the normal case

And about migrating to drupal6, it should be done shortly after we move to the new VPS cause we were already being killed by memory, most of our custom scripts were killed cause out of memory errors, and we couldn't survive concurrent 3 hits at the website. The concern is that drupal6 if it uses even slightly more memory than drupal5, we would be in a much worse situation.

Anyway i wonder if anyone else has issues with this move..

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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You did not mention it.

  1. You did not mention it. Seemed like you are pushing it alone. If it;s an agreement by the whole team then I guess it's OK.
  2. It's not the normal case now ;)
  3. I hadn't noticed it. My bad/
  4. Seems like a good reason.

It feels odd that I visit multiple times per day and never noticed anything...

BTW What kind of custom scripts are we running ? Just curious.

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Just a few points


1- I'm an admin and I agreed to this.

2- We need to move to a vps for the following reasons:

  • We can't handle spam, trying to delete a spammer and his comments renders the site useless for around 15 minutes. A problem with the shared hosting
  • We can't have backups. We can't run a script to back up our database because of the memory limit on the shared host. We have to do it manually from time to time and even then it takes several attempts and a lot of praying to god that our process won't be killed.
  • Drupal 5 is about to lose support when drupal 7 is released, we can't upgrade to drupal 6 because it needs more resources and I experienced problems with drupal 6 on shared hosting with dreamhost. At some point we need to move to a vps because even though the community is not that active we still get a lot of hits and drupal 6 on the current hosting will make the site useless. It's either we move or use an outdated version of drupal.

3- Our current host is still donated, it doesn't mean it will last forever, (AFAIK it was about to get canceled last year because the donor forgot we exist :)) at any point we could lose this host so why not move to a better donated one now?

That's it. make love not cat /dev/urandom > world

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