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Problem with thunderbird mail.

I have just opened my thunderbird inbox which contained several "read" messages to read any new ones. The contents of the inbox appeared and except for the one new message instantly vanished.

They are not in the deleted folder so where are they?

Yesterday I kept getting a message when I went into thunderbird telling me that it was , I can't remember the exact phrase,compressing the index.

Is that relevant?

I really want the read messages back! ___

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re-generate your inbox messages.

Perhaps, your Thunderbird needs to be re-build. I'd recommend you to backup your e-mail profile. Then remove all your .msf files extensions in your email profile to re-generate your messages once again upon re-opening your Thunderbird.

i using thunderbird

but i use hotmail account but there the inbox only and i have other folder personal to me by the way use pop3 how i can fix this problem help in this please.

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Should I consider this a SPAM or a QUESTION ?

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