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Assalamu ALykom,

may be what i will say will piss lots of people off! but that's the truth after all

IEEE are FAIL! the session i saw are supposed to be privet to IEEE members! but i was they cuz they was random! lots and lots of WRONG ideas and really ancient information they supposed to say that Linux is the Comparator not an other server OS as they did. and there alot to say: but i am half-died right now

i don't know tell now why EGLUG are taking them seriously to play EGLUG in the faculty of engineering i wish eglug just lead the team again IEEE -in my opinion-are not Qualified yet even to be a viewer

Muhammad Negm

I'll attend

I'll attend tommorow session and came back with another comment

Let's Free The World

My Review

I have attended the session yesterday
It's has positive and negative issues
But Overall it's good.

Let's Free The World

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