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EGLUG courses at al sakia

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We will hold 4 begginers courses in August, each course will be 3 days (sunday, tuesday, thursday), from 5:30pm-8:30pm

The courses will cover the basics of using a GNU/Linux desktop, starting from installation, here is the course description I gave khaled

  • Introduction to Free and Open Source Software
  • The GNU/Linux platform
  • Installing GNU/Linux
  • Basic Desktop usage
  • Common Applications
    • Office
    • Internet
    • Multimedia
    • Other
  • Closer view of GNU/Linux system
  • seeking help and support

The plan is to work in pairs, where we put a somewhat more experienced instructor with a somewhat less experienced instructor.

I'm doing the first course and I'm yet to choose my double.

There is a posibility to do more courses, in the early morning or the other weekdays, I'm thinking a format of 2 day courses touching on more advanced or specialized topics.

what I have in mind is to discuss with each group what they need next at the end of the course and use this feedback to organize more advanced courses for the second half of august, the first two weeks are free for any ideas if you guys are willing to implement.

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