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GNU/Linux courses at Al Sawi Cultural Center

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Want To Learn how to use GNU/Linux

Call 7350702 and ask for EGLUG courses

Over the month of August, EGLUG will organize 4 GNU/Linux courses for begginers.

The course will last 3 days (sunday, tuesday, thursday) from 5:30pm to 8:30pm and will cover the basics of installing and using a GNU/Linux desktop system.

What is EGLUG

We are a group of Egyptian volunteers working together to support GNU/Linux users in Egypt and to promote the use of Free/Open Source Software for the benefit of all Egyptians.

Our Group consists of young and not so young people, of proffesionals and hobiests, of experts and newbies but we all agree that GNU/Linux is fun :-)

What is GNU/Linux

It is a free (as in freedom and as in 0 price) software platform that is developed by millions of volunteers and professional programmers from all over the world.

It is a highly reliable, secure and stable system that meets all computing needs from small devices like wristwatches and mobilephones to super computers, and of course it runs on your personal computer and offers you a great desktop experience.

Join us and learn more about it.



Al Sawi Cultural Center

26th of July street, Under 15th of May bridge,
Tel: 7350702, 7350703, 7366178

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