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EGLUG installFest, Call for volunteers

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We're planning on giving the following sessions:

-- Introduction to Free/Open Source software

-- Installing GNU/Linux

-- Windows/Mac Vs GNU/Linux, Showing the alternative Software

-- Code Red Security

-- Desktop Programming under GNU/Linux

-- How to build a web server in 15 minutes/Open Source Web Applications and frameworks

-- Free Culture

-- GNU/Linux in the enterprise

In parallel with the sessions we'll be helping people install GNU/Linux on their computers.

If you feel you can help with anything and want to help us spread the use of Free/Open Source Software please post a comment here saying what you can/want to do. We'll need people to copy and distribute CDs, Flayers, And give technical support.

Hope to see you all there :)

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off topic -- EELU

dude, are you an EELU student ?

twitter: @shreef

EELU student

Yes I'm ,at the IT program (Ain Shams Center) ... what about it ?

Ahmed Shaker

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Hmm, I don't remember the

Hmm, I don't remember the names. but if you were today in the Computer-Intro lecture, you would probably saw me wearing a blue shirt and sitting next to Andrea.

twitter: @shreef

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I can help too

Here's what i can offer on personal basis, please tell me what is needed to get it with me:

  • give sessions or help organizing through the day: you choose me the weakest point and put me in it, i don't have issues in any position isA. if it's all the same i would like to get the introduction, or something conceptual
  • 2 LCD monitors: 19" and 22"
  • My personal laptop: I can present on it, sorry won't let anyone else work on it other than me.
  • My PC: AMD X2 2.7 / 2G RAM: can work on a live CD, or if someone can provide a harddisk to install ubuntu and demo on it. (i won't provide my HDD, DVD writer included).
  • wireless router.
  • RJ tool.
  • 2 x speaker set (1 x 1000 watt 4 speakers, 1 x 30 watt 2 speakers).
  • 25 blank CD.
  • 1 etisalat usb (20 Mb quota per day, for emergincies only).

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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@Boody consider me in -isA-.

@Boody consider me in -isA-. I was hoping to give a session about something related to web programming but it still looks like it's not that kind of topic that interests undergraduates/newbies.

so, I will be glad to help in any activity.

and a +1 to Amr Ali's previous session in Alex, expecting the same this time too.

twitter: @shreef

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are we gonna have a

are we gonna have a customized version of Gnu/Linux on the CD's we distribute ? or just normal whatever flavor of Gnu/Linux ??

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I wanna discuss giving a

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linux first month

just wondering ,,, da awl month lya m3a ubuntu and i am doing so well till now

i am asking ,,, if al festival da hyb2a mofyd lya wla l2

can any one help me .... and if yes ana hagyb nas as7aby 3shan yshofo al linux in action w y3'yaro zayy

i am available if any body need any help ( i have an original ubuntu 9.04 CD and i can help in installation if needed )

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This is perfectly for you

Come join us, you will find people to answer your questions, and your friends will see what linux is. you can bring your PC/laptop with you if you want to solve any problem in it..

of course you can help in the installation, just show up that day and u can help

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy


i'm in isA .. i can help in technical support Speak with People About Linux history .. installation Essentials,... Etc I'm from Mansoura BTW .

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Count me in

Great to see some action again :-) count me in guys :-) any session and sure installing , helping in setup, just like old days ;-) peace

Live Free Or Die Trying... GPG Key ID: 0xEFB1C57F

انا ممكن اشارك

اخيرا المهرجان رجع تاني انا ممكن اشارك معاكم انا بقالي 3 سنين بشتغل علي لينكس بس حد يقولي مطلوب مني اية

Mohamed Ragab

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If we can add one more

If we can add one more advanced topic I can give a session about Cloud Computing

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count me in ....

i think i can help in installing any distro for any body and also if you need more sessions during the fest, i can make a session about programming under linux (Java,PHP).....


أنا معاكم يا جماعة باذن الله بس محتاج أعرف أكتر مكان حاليا فيه نقص عددى بحيث ان يكون دخولى ليه قيمة هل هوا Installation ...coordinating ....

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I can participate as a

I can participate as a volunteer with my laptop which has good specs for running games (Intel Core2Duo 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card with 512MB of VRAM), so I am thinking about making some gaming show (like I did in Alexandria's 2009 fest), but I will need a big screen and good speakers.

What do you think?


My blog :)

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linux servers support team could help

we are Linux tech support team based in cairo... also we are Ubuntu partner we could give a presentation in :
- Linux WebHosting
- Bash Scripting
- Linux Security and Penetration testing
- Linux Virtualization
- Linux for Enterprises
- Cloud Servers on Linux

web could give 5 sessions in the same time "5 team members" also we could help in installation and CD printing.

where is the distro??

im in,with laptop have ubuntu installed on it .i need the link of the distro 2 download and make copies ...

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Ubuntu CD image

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