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Canon Lide 100

I've been using Ubuntu 9.10 for the past 2 and half months flawlessly, until I bought the canon Lide 100 scanner. I tried so many times to get it to work Under Ubuntu, but I couldn't in the end. Now I'm using Win XP, and the scanner is working fine!!! So if anybody found a solution for this issue please don't hesitate to reply :)

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Have a look into SANE?

Thanks for you reply, I will

Thanks for you reply, I will give your advice a try soon inshallah and feed you back :)

I don't think that will be

I don't think that will be any kind of support or drivers available for this scanner until the end of 2010, as I've read some postings by others who own the same brand and same model on Ubuntu support forum!!! :(( Anyways, I found a "Workaround" that can get the job done for the time being! To cut it short, someone posted a video on youtube, he installed Win XP using Ubuntu's Virtual Box, and then he used the scanner normally!!! I was glad to know that someone solved my issue at the end :)

Yes there is

Hello. I was surfing when I stumbled across this question. I can say that in the "git repositories" drivers for the LiDE 100 have3 been available since April. To use these you would have to compile and install by hand, not hard but you would be better off getting someone to help if if you try.

However I am happy to report that a few days ago I noticed the version of libsane is now one which should include the drivers. THe worst I see is that the drivers will be available in a month or so.

So I would say, try to install the latest libsane and sane. If that does not work, then wait for a month or if you are impatient get a friend to help you compile and install.

Good luck.

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