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Lucid Release Party in Cairo University

Hey everyone,

We are planning for a release party on 8th of May @ Cairo University Faculty on Engineering.

Volunteering usually involve giving session, helping in installations, answers people's questions, guiding people through the event ...etc.

I will create facebook event and send the detailed schedule for the day once everything is settled.

Hoping to see you all there :)

Best regards,
Ahmed Toulan.

For organisers, I am sorry I

For organisers, I am sorry I donnu how to use the mailing list of ubuntu-eg. But what I learned is that the release day is on 8 May in Fac. of Engineering, Cairo Univ., Omara Building, Drawing Hall B. From 9.00AM to 5.00PM. Correct me if I am wrong. I don't know much about Ubuntu as I use Fedora but I want to participate. So will you accept me just to learn how the things go on such a day and help you next times. Thanks for ur patience and help.

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