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Guest Speaker Invitation to The Rise Of Open Source Event


It is great pleasure for us to inform you that the “The Rise of Open Source” will be held in Ainshams University - School of Engineering on May 7, 2010.

The organizing committee of the event asked anyone expert enough can give an insight into the most recent knowledge about Open Solaris & Virtual Box .

the event is organized by:

It’s an on-campus community or club that introduces and educates students about the importance of Free and Open Source Software FOSS, and the latest Open Source technologies and communities supported by Sun.
Our main objective is to spread the awareness of using and developing open source products in our university.
Audience -Computer users, Software developers and System Administrators
-Graduate engineers, Engineering and Computer Science students

About the session:(Guest requested here)

Open Source in focus (live demos)

we received a package of cd's from sun as giveaways (LIVE CD's of OPEN SOLARIS)

Brief Description:
The term “Open Source” isn’t only for software developers, any computer user will benefit from using open source software, so get to know your software alternatives (Open Solaris, Open Office, Virtual Box and Netbeans for developers). Learn how to use them through live demos and tutorials.

1-Why to use open source software
2-Get to know how to find software alternatives
3-Get to know how to use some open source software
4-Try these open source software yourself

Topics included
2-Virtual box
3-Open Solaris
4-Open Office

Session info
Duration: 3 hours
Date: 07/05/2010
Time: 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Contact us:(ASAP)
To know more about the event & apply for speaker

Ismail Hamdy:
[email protected]

Yasmine Tarek:
[email protected]

Dr. Radut | forum