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NIBIRU on Friday


Date: 7/5/2010

Place: New Building – Campus of School of Engineering – Ain Shams University- Third Floor .

Contact us : Nibiru’s online community


Time:11:00 am

Duration : 2 hr

Session: Open Source in focus (live demos)

Moderated by: Eng / Mohamed Taman & NIBIRU team

Description: The term “Open Source” isn’t only for software developers, any computer user will benefit from using open source software, so get to know your software alternatives (Open Solaris, Open Office, Virtual Box and Netbeans for developers). Learn how to use them through live demos and tutorials.

Time:01:00 pm

Duration:1 hr


Time: 02:00 pm

Duration:2 hr

Session: Open Source in Development (case studies)

Moderated by Eng / Amr el Adawy & Eng / Mohamed Taman

Description: Development is much powerful and easier using open source components, so get inspired by the power of using Open Source in software development, realize how much time and cost it saves when using Open Source and finally get to know how to find the efficient support.

Time:04:00 pm

Duration:30 min

Session: Open Discussion

Moderated by : Discussion Panel

Description: Questions

Time: 04:30 pm

Duration:30 min

Session: Nibiru: What’s next?

Moderated by : NIBIRU Team

Description: Yes, it’s the end of this event, but it’s still the beginning of Nibiru, in this session you’ll get introduced to different open source communities, know how to contribute in open source project and finally share any previous knowledge with others.


Highly proficient Software Engineer with 8 years’ experience building desktop/web applications of variety of systems (i.e. e-payments, governmental (Tax, Customs, pension and salary systems, Central Bank Of Egypt), core banking, tourism, financial, customized software, reporting systems, security systems and smart cards) using Java ,OOP, Sun, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, UML, initially focused on Java development since the late 2002s

Over the years, he learned a dozen computer languages and worked with all sorts of operating systems. He concentrated his interests in web, security, performance tuning and e-Payments services, and he managed several projects to their successful completion.

Mohamed’s expertise lies mainly in design, development, and support with databases, the Web, GUI (template and design) and systems integration. In the last few years, he has worked with open source systems, gaining experience with Linux and Mac technologies. In his spare time, Mohamed enjoys reading, drawing and travel in the countryside.

Mohamed graduated from the Higher Technical institution 10’Th of Ramadan in 2000 (With Technical Diploma in Computer and Automatic Control) and University of Zagazig, Shoubra Faculty of Engineering in 2005 (With B.Sc. in Computer Systems engineering).

His career has taken him to different companies (Silicon Expert, intercom Enterprise, Oracle and Google) where he works now as a Java EE consultant / Business Solutions Team Leader in e-finance.


is a Software Engineer at Etisalat Egypt. Over 5 year experience in Software Engineering, Amr has been working with many technologies like J2EE, ASP.NET, J2ME, PHP and more. Based on deep understanding of web development concepts, wide background in social networking application and Mobile Applications, Amr is currently working in Telecommunications field especially in Sales applications for Etisalat. Amr is the founder of the Jspx Java web framework, that is an open source free web RAD in java.

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