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Open Egypt

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I was thinking about making a website to ease the communication between the FOSS communities in Egypt, as I can think of, there's EGLUG, OSUM, CAT, linuxAC, Monofeya Uni guys (their name was Muffix I guess), fedora, ubuntu-eg, even wikipedia chapter. And i'm sure that there's others I didn't mention here.

I had the thought of making an independent site from eglug, with the aim to be a discussion/announcement/communication board between representer of the current community (it shouldn't get members, only communities representers).

The reason is that I found that communication is not good between the communities, at least we don't know each other's events except by chance.

I got the domain .. . I have talked about it with linuxAC and CAT, and they were excited about it, but I wanted to challenge the idea with you...

Good Idea

Good Idea, we need to make a brain storming, i suggest to make a team from each community with one representer in the board of openEgypt Network.

Let's Free The World

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Its always good to unite,

Its always good to unite, but put in mind that this will require dedication to keep it active and efficient so start thinking on how you (or someone else) will manage such a communities "hub".

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well, the point is

well, the point is that it's assumed that all of the new hub members are responsible people, they represent a whole community.. so the management should be minimal...

if you mean the website/hosting/...etc. I guess these will be no issue isA.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

Great idea, I go for it :).

Great idea, I go for it :).

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here we go, we got a volunteer :)

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

Yeah I'd love to :) it's

Yeah I'd love to :) it's really good idea, I like it :)

I really like the idea, lets

I really like the idea, lets go for it.

كلنا معاك يا

كلنا معاك يا كبير :(

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Great idea and I am with it,

Great idea and I am with it, but I have few concerns, are these communities are active or not at all? if not, I guess OpenEgypt will be just another inactive community too.


My blog :)

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it's a very good idea

it's a very good idea and i guess it will help the communities in different ways (it's a win win relationship) ... I'm really interested in it .. tell me if you need anything ((you know how to find me :)

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but that what EGLUG was made

but that what EGLUG was made for, right..?

OpenEgypt isn't a new

OpenEgypt isn't a new community, it's kind of network.

Let's Free The World

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more social you mean..? no

not social.. you can say

not social.. you can say it's a place where we see all our work and make better communications. and it's about egypt only.

Let's Free The World

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It's a place for communities

it's a place where representatives only from all communities can communicate. It shouldn't have individuals as members.. it's a community which members are other communities not individuals. such a communicating way should increase the integration between the current communities, and it may make creating new communities somehow less cause indeveduals will know about all current communities.

The main part in OpenEgypt is that it should be the glue between communities, not an umbrella over them.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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ok then

I came out with a nice logo for openegypt, where I can upload it..?

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The website is not up yet, you can email it to me and i'll put it there with a thank you for your name.

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

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