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GNU/Linux Networking session Today 2 Aug. 5:30pm

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not fair

the best things in life are free --- so as myself

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? It's 5:30 EET. -- I w


It's 5:30 EET.

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EET != CMT ?

I think EET != CMT in DST ? Am I right ?

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EET + daylight saving = EEST.

EET + daylight saving = EEST.

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ah sorry

you are right, i am wrong

This time zones and DST stuff is way too complicated.

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I can say that it was nice, G

I can say that it was nice, Guys you missed alot,Very useful things were said. with 7 ppl there, I think it was the largest session through all the firewall/networking sessions regarding the number of attenders!

DJ-KING, Please post the notes you took here.

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I'll create a book page with the major outlines where DJ-King can later edit with the notes.

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ezabi ... i dunno how to than

ezabi ... i dunno how to thank u for this great session ... :)

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