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Learn How To Use GNU/Linux: Lesson One

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hi everyone and welcome i'll talk about the installition of mandrake linux 10 operating system

first of all i want to say that you can setup two operating system on your machine,what i mean is that you can install linux and windows-MS together in the same machine but i want to say that you don't need windows in anything coz linux comes with many programmes and features that provide you with everything you will need when i say everything i mean every single thing.any way it's your chooes to put both of them or just linux but if you planning to put both of them you must put Windows-MS (or what ever you planning to put) first and then install linux and it's improtant to make this DO NOT INSTALL LINUX FIRST.

Now let's start i will talk about installing linux Mandrake 10.

1-when you turn your computer on press on DELETE button you will enter a blue screen called 'BIOS', look for 'BIOS feature setup' then look for 'Boot sequence' and make it 'Boot from cd' by using the page up and page down button.

2-then press ESC and chooes 'save and exit' then press Y don't forget to put the first cd in the cd-room .

3-after restarting the machine a blue screen will come to you asking you to press F1 if you want help or Enter if want to install linux ... Press Enter and it will start to copying the files to your machine and it will take up to 10 min.

4-After copying files you will be asked to choose the language choose'US ENglish' and if you would like to add the arabic to your machine choose advance and select the arabic and the unicode then click ok .

5-choose that you are agree with the tearm.

6- Now you must select the installation class,and you have here to type the first one is 'Recommended' and 'Expert' select the fist one which is 'Recommended' then press install.

7-this is the most important step and it's about how to partitioning your hard disk, select from the list infront of you the option 'custom hard partitioning' then press ok.

you will find the partitions that in your hard disk and the one you prepared to the linux (your must prepare a 10 GB formated space for linux) you will find it with blue color,select it with the mouse then press on the auto alocate and it will partitioning it for you you must find two partition with red color and a small one with green color (swap).

9-after you do this press done and it will ask you if you are sure and choose yes,then you will have to select the programmes you want to install in the system then press ok.

now it will install all the programmes you want and will ask you to change the cds so stay near the computer.

10-it will ask you for a password for the root enter the password that you like and make sure not to forget it .

11-It will ask you then to create a user so create a one to use it.

12-select the way you will connect to the net if it by "Normal Modem connection" or "ADSL" or whatever you using to connect to the net.

13-create a new dial up if then click ok

14-press ok

15-press yes

16-press no

17-press ok

18-remove the cd form the cd-room and then don't do anything till you enter the linuc then chooes the desktop you want and make it KDE then Next then cancel .

now you had instaled linux and get party

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