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توزيعة Untangle

السلام عليكم
اليوم تأتى توزيعة untangle 7.4 لتحل محل انظمة mikrotek النسخ المدفوعه .....لحمايه الشبكات المحلية ...انها تعمل عمل فايرول بالتحديد ولكن بأمكانيات افضل >>>>>وهاهى اخر التعديلات فى

Highlights of Untangle 7.4:

· Updated kernel with many bugfixes including HPET-fix;
· Updated NIC drivers for some modern cards;
· Rename packages to lite/standard/premium;
· Added a warning for port 443 port forwards;
· Made switching from bridge to static more intuitive;
· Added some community skins;
· Additional error checking on app installation;
· Video-safe-mode is now the default. هذا الاصدار ....

وهذة بعض الصور ....
ومن هنا للتحميل ...
وهنا ترتيب التوزيعة فى موقع

Nero's picture

Actually Untangle is not a

Actually Untangle is not a distribution, it's an application written in Java, using Debian lenny as a back-bone for it, and there is some paid add-on on untangle,

but still it's a nice filter,

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You mean it's something like

You mean it's something like Kaspersky rescue cd..? it's also built on a gentoo live cd..

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