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Command Line Course: Session 1

1st session of the Command Line Course by Conceptor and CVirus


I think we need extra session

I think we need extra session for bash scripting, the time was not enough , while it was very benifitable

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Fees for the course.

Guys, Sorry to say it but, NON sakia members'll have to pay the membership fees which 20 pounds, however the sakia members don't have to pay anything.

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2 places

hi i know it is too late but i want to attend that course i.s.a so i need to know if there are 2 places in it for me & another one? so plz reply if there beause i call ELSAKIA & they told me that there is not a course today !!!

finally , i really want to thank u for this great effort

bye Mohamed Galal

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Probably there is

Probably there will b places for both of u, if not u can share 1 pc.

Please sign me to attend this

Please sign me to attend this session and the following sessions of the command line course

Command Line

Hi, i am iman from the previous course, sorry for the late reply i am in, do i have to call elsakia? thanks,

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just show up

since you already have sakia membership you don't need to do anything, this course is not limited to a certain number, just show up 5 minutes before the session starts.

and please do consider registering an account and logging in before you post.



"u know i once dream that the office of mobinil is from el 7`os :S and the one that answer u and tell u rasidak a girl called ghada"

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Eg_Linux .... bas yala enta :PP ... MohammedSameer ... it is just a normal session .. just attend and listen as Eg_Linux said :)

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How to subscribe ? Call the s

How to subscribe ? Call the sakia or what ??

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No i think it is Normal

i think you must go to IBM LAB..and listen to him...just do it..

( ezzai enta heteegee 7agah zai dee? ya basha.. dee khalleehaa lel3alam el ta3bana elle zayeena :) ..... ..................

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