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Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party in Alexandria

We will have a release party for Ubuntu 10.10

Day 14/10/2010
Time 7 pm
Place City Cafe - 21 Salah Salem St. - Alexandria
تقاطع شارع صلاح سالم مع شارع سيزوستريس

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attending, but ...

  1. Why don't you just say ubuntu 10.10? I bet most of people doesn't know Maverick Meerkat.
  2. RSVB needs a launchpad login, why don't you just make it here? not everybody has/interested in having launchpad login.
  3. City cafe is rather an expensive place. Personally I don't have an issue with that, but may be someone else does. Why not a cheaper place?

Ahmed D. El-Mekkawy

I Edited the title

1. I Edited the title :)
2. Anyone can RSRV with OpenID, plus We don't have drupal RSRV module here,.
3. Suggest another place, personally I don't want to go "Cafe De LaPaix " again, and I don't have issues with "City Cafe".

Let's Free The World

1- try

2- if da place expensive you will pay my bill ya bahaa :P i have a lot of bills this month ya 3am el 7aG :D

hey hey isn't 15 is

hey hey isn't 15 is Juma'a? why not 14? Khamis is better I guess jum'aa is family time :)

IT's 14

It's 14th October. Just Fixed it.

Let's Free The World

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Don't forget to bring 64-bit

Don't forget to bring 64-bit disks with you :D


My blog :)

hiiiii there

iam new in here and in the linux world ,and i would like to be part of it. can i come to this party? what are the party program or what do you do?? thanks

yes you can come, there's no

yes you can come, there's no program for the party, because it's simply a party :D

Let's Free The World

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