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Java virtual machine

Hi, I downloaded the jvm from and I just managed to install the mozilla plugin for java scripts. But I didn't really succeed in running the jvm itself. Any suggestions ? As I looked up the web and didn't find much help.

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explain more

What do you mean you want to run the java vm. just make sure you have the java comman in your path and it will get used automatically.

did this answer your question? if not explain your problem more.

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Yes , that worked, I added the java bin directory to the path , but what I need to know is which files exactly are needed in the path, because I like my path variable to be as small as possible. So I'd want to make symlinks to the needed files in my home/bin directory.

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all that is needed is the java binary. for me this is:


so symlinking that binary to /usr/bin/java might work.

however you should not try to copy the binary as that won't work.

I wish I could install phaeronix on my patients.

No need for that anymore

Turns out just the installation needed the full path. After I installed , the program runs just fine without any need for even the java , guess it locates it and stores it somewhere in it's configuration file, thanks ;)

Set the Class/Path variables

don't think it's the classes

I think it just needs to know where the VM itself is, and according to relative path it looks for the classes.

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