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Scroll the Desktop ... Sounds Weird

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Actually I wanted sumthing that can help me scroll my desktop ... I know that u r now asking what is the meaning of scroll my desktop ... for example if I opened mozilla and then I use the Scroll bar of the Desktop so that mozilla keeps moving untill it disappears off the desktop and then i can scroll back to it using the desktop scroll bar .... actually i tired Enlightenment but it has something equivilant but not exactly what i wanted but its cool anywayz ... and another problem that made me dont depend on Enlightenment is that i dont have a mouse :"( ... i use my number pad to move the cursor .. I'm too lazy to go buy one ... anywayz i need sumthing to satisfy exactly my need and sumthing that can work with my lovely XFce4 ... Suggestions ?


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X can be configured to have a desktop larger than the resolution, in that case you scroll the view port just as i strategy games.

I'm now sure which window managers support this feature, but I know of none that implement it with a scroll bar.

with PekWM you can move the viewport with the keyboard easily.

as for XFCE, there is no such thing as running xfce, xfce is a collection of different tools and a window manager, these tools don't depend on each other, so you can run the tools without running the window manager (same as you can run gnome tools or kde tools with any window manager and in any combination).



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Thnak u

Thank u pretty much alaa ... I'll google for this and post what I find soon inorder to share what I found ... Thank u again :)

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