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Who wants to be a moderator?

Manal's picture

Our charter has been ratified a long time ago, and we have had a month and a half full of various activities and we now know each other quite well.

The members classification is now properly set and we don't have any moderators but we have 23 senior users who have been very active in the past month and a half, they are:

  1. ADminS
  2. ahmadtarek
  3. arius32
  4. BooDy
  5. Conceptor
  6. CVirus
  7. DarKnesS_WolF
  8. DJ KING
  9. ezabi
  10. Joker Prince
  11. LI-6YLUCY
  12. Manal
  13. matata
  14. mhlmi
  15. mildewy
  16. POSIX
  17. Pronco
  18. phaeronix
  19. ramez.hanna
  20. robertoramsis
  21. ShErbO
  22. seek_the_reality
  23. soppy_boy

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