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14th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival

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My destiny had me in the right place this time. I am in abu dhabi for vacation as some of you know. There fore I will be able to attend this event. If i get the chance I will take photos and get down to the bottom of that linux titan cluster that will play chess there.


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This is a real story not another phaeronix blog entry

For you who thought that this is another blog entry from pharo, it is not. If you read carefully and beyond all his destiny and vacation stuff, this is actually news.

An eight-game match between multiple world champion Shredder, running on a superfast four-processor system, and Hydra, a Deep Blue style hardware program running on a 16-way Linux cluster.

So, it seems that there is nothing exciting to see. Other than the hardware, the linux and the cluster. I mean as a spectator. Wathcing a computer playing chess against another computer is not very absorbing. Even those computers don't run with vacume tubes anymore, so you will not listen to some buzzing either. They even don't need to be in Abu Dhabi, they could just go fight each other for millions of years on IRC or email.

So phaeronix, enjoy the billions of deep calculations flying across the hall

BTW, there are olympic games on TV.

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Opinions, points of view.

Well you never know maybe I can talk to the company folks in charge of either machines, and get a chance to see this linux cluster. It is mentioned somewhere in the links that the machines are in their respective development companies in Abu Dhabi ( at least one ).

While I consider it an important thing to see these machines and attend the event to document or at least tell the story... I also like chess and like watching chess games ( however boring you might think that is ).

Some people should just tune their minds to intercept more excitment other than "buzz" and "colors".. There are a lot of intangible things in life that can give you pleasure. Even if it is "billions of deep calculations flying across the hall". The olympic games are just another groove on a different frequency. Tune to your pleasure.

And I do detect a sneer at my frequent blogging... If so then may I remind you that my blog is my private diary, which I give you the opportunity of peeking at. If you don't like it's content or aren't interested then don't look and don't go there. It's not like I force you to go there.

thanx for your utmost respect Mr. fellow med student.

I wish I could install phaeronix on my patients.

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the sneer

I think the sneer was more on not posting anything but diaries, we love your blog but we have great expectations, we want you to contirbute to the wiki, the articles, events, stories and forum topics.



"u know i once dream that the office of mobinil is from el 7`os :S and the one that answer u and tell u rasidak a girl called ghada"

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