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Egypt in The Linux Counter

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The Linux Counter

Counting GNU/Linux users is impossible

GNU/Linux in Egypt

We guestimate that the number of GNU/Linux users in Egypt might be around 3000.

What the counter says about GNU/Linux in egypt

This is not very nice.

Eglug's Linux counter module

You will find the output to this module on one of the blocks to your right hand side of the site.

I personally think that this module had a positive effect on the number of registered users, as shown in the above graph with a growth spike at the end.

Get yourself counted

So, if you use GNU/Linux and you are not counted in the Linux Counter, then you better go and count yourself. Its a very easy process.

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Choose if you want your identity be visible or be listed as anonymous user.
  3. Click Enter
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email. By following the instructions in this email you will increment the counter by one user.
  5. Every year you will get an email to check if you still use GNU/Linux.


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actually, you never know

the first attempt at the module was written by Ramez.Hanna, the current module was written by me.

its too straightforward to quible about original authorship, maybe if someone can turn it into a generic module with a configuration interface where you choose the country and the pieces of information ti will be more useful.

maybe we can integrate the egypt curve somewhere.

and finaly you can get counted by clicking the get counted link on the linux counter block directly.



"u know i once dream that the office of mobinil is from el 7`os :S and the one that answer u and tell u rasidak a girl called ghada"

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