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GNU/Linux Vs. Microsoft

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Why Linux?

  1. Linux is based on a sharing concept, not based on selfishness.
  2. Linux respects your intelligence and encourages creativity.
  3. Linux adopts the concept of "Everyone can be a Leader" it has a good space for people's initiatives.
  4. Linux is one of the largest friendly communities, where programmers around the world that do not know each other can have a free speech common room.
  5. Linux creators do not suffer from human insecurity & lack of confidence, as it shows its real face & do not mind constructive criticize.
  6. Linux is like a close friend to you when you go to visit him you can act as if you are home; in your friend's house you can bring food, help in arranging the house, help him/her adding a new look to it etc... That is exactly what Linux allows you to do creating, developing, modifying, adding, rearranging, etc…
  7. Linux is proving a very important value; "Small melodies when gathered in harmony can create an outstanding piece of music".
  8. Linux has broken the misleading presumption of "To make sure you are not doing something wrong or destructive, u must be monitored by a higher authority".
  9. Linux is proving the widely approved concept in community development; "Community development based on grass root efforts is much more reliable than the services presented to the community by a big institution".
  10. Linux proves that there is always another alternative, there is always a way, there's hope worth the effort of creating a better tomorrow.

Why Microsoft?

Because Microsoft knows how to be a good politician:

  1. It knows how to have the highest number of votes even if doesn't have the highest recognition.
  2. It knows how to keep their market under control even if they have better competitors.
  3. It has the dare to pretend being the best and be very convincing while knowing their vices.
  4. It covers up on the flaws of its operating system.
  5. It presents misleading, inaccurate comparisons - claiming they're the best.

Being the leader doesn't necessarily mean you're the best. I read a comment on the net about Microsoft that is very relevant to political life ;o)

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