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Learn How to Use GNU/Linux: lesson 2

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Now i'll talk about the directories of your system. when you are on the root path

and list your directories with the ls command : bin/ boot/ dev/ etc/ home/ initrd/ lib/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ sbin/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ var/

as You see there are alot of directories so i'll start explaining them,Now i'll explain the /bin directory .

this directory you will find all the command line that you use and can use in the linux shell. you can get to this directory by using the following:

this will list all the command line you using in the shell and this is a very important directory.

To get to this directory you have to do the following:

1-get out of the current directory by using

2-then enter the /etc directory by using

you can use two ways to do that,the pervious way or a simple way which is

this will take you to the etc directory now i'll take about this directory what is it? this directory contain the configuration file of all the programes,contain the file which end with .conf as the lilo.conf file ,how can you find this file for example use the following

then press tab and it will list all the configuration files which start with l . i'll talk now about the /usr directory

enter this directory,you can use the same way i mentioned. this directory contain all the programes used by all users on you system. in linux operating system everything is a file the keybord mous and the monitor everything is a file. let my explain to you

enter the /dev directory and list the files in this directory as you know (use the ls command line) you will find alot of file with many color this is the hardware and the device you use and can use in your system,DON'T DELE TE ANY FILE if you aren't proffesional and you will find your hard disk with name /hda and so on....

this directory contain the Linux kernel and the adminstration only can move it to anywhere you want for his personal resones.

as i said befor you can't do anything in this directory,this is the most important area and directory in the linux system.

also like root can't do anything here you can watch but don't touch anything.

this is the temporary files directory,when you open a file or browse the net or make a text file the linux make a temporary file of it and save it in the tmp directory

this contain the lib files which make the programe run and make it know it's job.

this directory contain all the users directory,if a new user create an account on the system ,the linux will create a directory with the user name in the /home directory so it contain all the users directory.

this directory contain the partitions you have in your hard disk and the will be named as following:

Win_c for directory c:

win_d for directory d:

and so on...

BY this i finshed my lesson about the linux directory and now you know all the information you need about the linux director.

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