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Learn How to use GNU/Linux: lesson 3

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You Can get help anytime anywhere while you are using linux by using the man command.

The man command is a short word for manual pages, Linux distribution comes with manual pages for nearly each utility, command, or programming system call.

So you can get any information you need about any command in linux system even command man itself can get information about it just by typing :

Manual pages started out in UNIX as one-page descriptions,In linux manual pages are found under /usr/man or /usr/share/man/

all the manual pages are named with a single-digit extension that refers to a directory that contain man page about specific thing.

what i mean is if you look at the table below you will understand what i'm trying to say:


pages, and others


Every manual page usually has a number of sections, with the documentation for the command broken down into sections as in the next table:

The man command searches for manual pages according to instructions in the man.config file under the /etc directory. These instructions define the default directories for man command in which to look for manual pages.

for example let's say that you need help with a simple command like ls what should you do ?

just in the shell type

the output for you will be a text file of all the option and information of how to use the List command (ls) and it's as vi text editor to exit from it just click anykey then type :q then press enter

hope you all like this lesson and this command will make you understand linux and become a proffisional user of linux operating system

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