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Learn How to use GNU/Linux: Lesson 4

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In this lesson i'll talk about three important commands lines,the first one is the FIND command line..

this command line is a powerfull searching command you can use it to find files which is on your hard disk,

for example to search for spell command under the /usr directory you have to do:

let's say that you want to find a file but you can't remember the name but you remember the date you create that file and the time,for example in the last 50 days you will have to use the following:

To find any file ,either new or modified that are one or fewer days old in the /usr/bin you have to use :

and that's all you need to know about the find command line next i'll talk about the whereis command line .

This command is used to find the file's binary source and manual pages reside for example if you want to find the find command line use the following

you can also use whereis to find only the binary version of the program by:

  1. whereis -b find find: /bin/find /usr/bin/find

    let's say that you didn't find your request ,what you will get will be like this:


    and that's all you need to know about whereis also

    this command like the help command this command give you help and a summaries about any programme or command line let's say you want to know what is whereis comman line all you have to do is :

    1. whatis whereis

      but first you have to do an update for whatis database ..don't get banic all you have to do is type the following command and it will do it for you while you drinking your coffe

      so as i said to use this command after updating it's database all what you have to do is write whatis and the programme

      name or command name you want to know it and be this i finshed my lesson and see you in the next lesson

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