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Broke My Hand :(

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Yesterday I was playing with a friend of mine and I broke my hand ... LOL ... That was a hard game ... Actually 2 of my bones went over each other in a strange way ... I rushed to the nearest pharmacy and in a certain way he could grab the bones away from each other ... This really hurted .. hehe ... Today I felt some pain so I went to the hospital and made some stupid X-Ray and The Dr. said that it is broken and it has to be casted ... and now I'm a 1 hand typer and I dont know what will I do in my tests and studies ... This is da right hand .. he3 he3


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Thank god it wasn't the wrong

Thank god it wasn't the wrong hand ;)

Great, And who the hell told you to go to a pharmacy and ask there ? You should've asked me better, Or maybe a tux, I'm afraid next time you'll ask Billy!

Well, You still have the left err the wrong hand.

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Why he didn't beat you as well ?

Infinite skills create miracles !

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1000 salama

try to study with one hand like typing with one hand:)

Diaa Radwan

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Alf Samlama

Alf Samlama Ya Basha .....


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Thanks fellas

Thank u Soo much fellas ... Mohammed Sameer ... what other hand did u mean :P

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The broom !

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