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Library Integrated System

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Dear All, Do You know about The Library Systems, It's good field and we can investment the open source for this. My exerience in Library Integrated System ,UNIX .The Library Systems very expesive and we have more libraries in Egypt can't buy this application. I hope we can arabize one of open source Library Systems. The Open Source that we can try : ( Koha or Openbiblio , MySQL, Perl , PHP, Apatche )

1. Koha . 2. OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality. OpenBiblio library administration offers an intuitive interface with broad category tabs and sidebar 3. phpMyLibrary is a PHP MySQL Library automation application. The program consist of cataloging, circulation, and the webpac module. The programs also has an import export feature. The program strictly follow the USMARC standard for adding materials. 4-Libsys is a library catalog system project for cataloging and classifing documental data for world wide public and private libraries, interchange their.

I can help by the library concept and yours can help by programming. It's good idea to introduce something to arab countries. I'm looking forward for yours reply.

Best Regards Ahmed Amin

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A few questions; have you evaluated these packages? Which do you find most suitable?

What kind of programming will be necessary to adapt the selected software, as opposed to what sort of effort would be needed for plain old arabization?



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Library IIntegrated System ( LIS )

Ahmed Amin, KOHA is tested in many international libraries and also openbiblio, we can try the both. The programming that we need ,KOHA need PERL,and Openbiblio need PHP.

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Hi Ahmed.

Ahmed as I told you before we'll need to choose only one of these two systems and work on it, our resources are limited and our volunteers are overworked.

so please tell us in your experience which system is better, what are the benefits and drawbacks of each system then let us proceed on fining out what arabic supports problems are facing you exactly.



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I would like to join in this project

Hi guys,

How can you follow up all posts in this forum? Personally, I find many interesting issues and work here and there but can't follow everything. U can tell us what's the tweak u use!!!

Anyway, I'm interested mostly in this project coz I like databases and had made a lot of databases projects before. I don't actually had big experince in Arabization module and my PHP and Perl programming level is in a beginner level. So I don't know if I can help?

So please inform me how can I join in this project?


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You can help

Ahmed Amin,

Dear Ikhnaton2 , I think every one can help but the important thing the starting. You can help by the DB concept, and the relationship between the DB equipment . The PHP and Perl we can find the resources (It's free). You have idea about MYSQL DataBase.

Best Regards Ahmed Amin

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Decide which one to begin

Dear Ahmed,

I'm ready to begin, just decide which one is more suitable (KOHO or openbibio). When u decide, I'll download the targeted software and install it to understand it's structure. I'll work on the database side and may help in the client-dide interface with other volunters.


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Ahmed Amin,

Dear All, I received E-Mails from KOHA user group (I'm member) about KOHA arabic Version it's available but I can't download it,. I forward the E-Mails to info . I hope all try to download and test I think maybe will need add something (Just for try).

Or. Openbiblio not yet with arabic version, We can start for openbiblio (This my opinion).

Hope we take a decission as soon as .

Best Regards Ahmed Amin

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AFAIK, I thought that it's y

AFAIK, I thought that it's you who is supposed to take a decision, Not us ? It depends on your needs.

When it comes to translation, I can tell you my experience, which is: It'll not work and you'll have to translate it yourself, That's MY experience when it comes to translationg apps to Arabic.

Anyway, I can help in anything related to perl/mysql, No php though ;-)

I had a look at the email you sent, it seems that the files are in the files section of a yahoogroup, Well, Ask them please to email it directly to u, I won't register in a yahoogroup to see it :-)

Lets Start

Dear All, Greetings, I'm sorry for delay reply because some reasons, anyway I can't find the arabic version from the site, and we find the Perl experiences, Then We can start for KOHA System as soon as. I'm lokking forward for yours effort.

Best Regards Ahmed Amin

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Koll Sana We Entom Tiebeen

Ahmed Amin

Dear All , Koll Sana We entom Tiebeen,

Wher The Youth. Since more time didn't hear from them .

Best Regards Ahmed Amin

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