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Finally they approved my graduation project

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finally after a long struggle with the guys from college they approved my graduation project. I'll be teaching linux to the project team (7 guys who were shoked to know that Linux doesn't have My computer). I guess some people really hate me now because i caused their projects to be rejected but what the heck i don't like them anyway. The graduation project will be building a distro but thats not enough i think so i'll have to do something more specific maybe some coding, after all i'll be re-studying C. Best thing is i WON THE FIGHT WITH THE POWER ! :)


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The same here

me also was having problems to choose and get a final graduation project , But , at final i take a decision to work alone on my project so the team members is only one person who is me , i think that's better , LOL


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lucky you, i had to take at l

lucky you, i had to take at least 5 students with me and after all i ended up with 2 more, the problem is that they don't wanna learn and in the same time they wanna understand what the hell is the project is all about !!


I hope I could too,after another 3 years.

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