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MEPIS - Reasons to try it

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Based on Debian, SimplyMEPIS is gaining lots of popularity - it's now on the top 4 in distrowatch for this month, exceeding Gentoo, Ubuntu and even Debian itself !

I'm not going to write a full reveiw about MEPIS. I'll just tell you why I like it and what I'd like to see fixed.

SimplyMEPIS is a LiveCD, you can run it directly from the CD-ROM or install it to your hard drive. Here is where things get nice - the easiest and fastest installation I've ever seen, with almost no questions asked. Now that's what I call newbie-friendly !

That's the main reason I like MEPIS: it's basically a Debian system that simply WORKS without the hassle & long installation. Almost everything comes ready out-of-the box, including browser plugins !

MEPIS tools include the installation program, System Center & User utilities. They're very easy to use but they're nowhere near Mandrake's Configuration Center. It was easy to setup the nvidia driver with TwinView from the system center - something I really liked.

I really hope people will give it a try, I'm sure many of you will keep it. I'm using it for a month now and I'm really satisfied with it.


In a nutshell: You get a robust Debian system at a glance.

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