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The Resource Usage Policy


This document details how resources owned by shall be used and what are the rights of the members in relation to these resources.


Ownership here is a social contract not legal ownership, legal ownership would typicaly be to the one who payed for the resource, in case of payment by electronic means as in credit cards legal ownership will be to the owner of the account used to pay. while this in theory may give one person power over the whole community there is no practical means to avoid this problem, trust and peer pressure are the only thing the only guarantees we could have.

At the moment all resources are donated by Alaa, MadFarmAnimalz, Uniball, WhirlPool and ezabi, later to avoid concentrating too much power a wider group of members should contribute in paying.


The resources controlled by are the and domains and and hosting space.

The details of how these resources can be used very much depends on the details of the hosting package, this policy shall change everytime the hosting provider or package changes.

As of the time of writing this version (5th of June 2004) the resources can be distributed as:

  1. Webspace (we have around 600MB).
  2. FTPspace (shared with webspace).
  3. Subdomains (sharing storage with webspace).
  4. unlimited Subdomain redirects.
  5. POP or IMAP email boxes (shares space with webspace).
  6. unlimited email forwarding addresses.
  7. 20GB of bandwidth per month.
  8. 5 mailing lists.
  9. The core space and the drupal installation.
  10. Blogs under the drupal installation.


Administrators are responsible for maintaining and allocating these resources as described in the charter.

Only Administratos hold the passwords to all resources, abuse of these resurces will be considred violation of their mandate.

The community shall work hard to ensure that changes in this policy are for better distribution and more access to members, changes to less resources or more restrictive usage shall only happen when it is extremly nessecary.

In case of running out of resources administrators will investigate if one area or person is using excess amounts of resources, or if some resources are allocated to an unactive area, if no resource waste is found this will b taken to mean the community has grown enough to justify acquiring new resources.

Resource Distribution

  1. Main purpose of the webspace is to serve the core website.
  2. Due to the unsecure nature of FTP, FTP space will be allocated for anonymous access to Free/Open Source Software related packages developed as part of activities.
    • it must be realised that in most cases a LUG is not the correct place to host files.
  3. All moderators and Administrators will be granted email boxes.
    • the boxes are to remain valid as long as the owner is still considered a member of EGLUG.
    • mailbox quota may be changed by administrators according to circumstances as long as they provide adequate notice.
  4. All Senior members get an forward address.
    • The addresses remain valid as long as the owner is considered a member of EGLUG
  5. Members are enocuraged to use their emails in all matters relating to, they're of course free to use it for personal uses.
  6. Upon request moderators can have a limited space and a subdomain for personal use.
    • The subdomain will be fashioned after the members nick in the website.
    • All rules applying to blogs apply to these personal spaces.
    • Administrators may at any point anounce they can no longer grant such requests, they're not however to pick and choose between requests, requests are honored on a first come first serve basis.
  7. Upon request senior users and moderators can have space and a subdomain for use in their personal Free/Open Source related projects as long as the project does not fit another section of the website.

  • A visible link to this project will be provided in the website.
  • Administrators may at any point anounce they can no longer grant such requests, they're not however to pick and choose between requests, requests are honored on a first come first server basis.
  1. All senior members and above are granted blogs on the website and a limited image gallery to use as they see fit.

The rest of the resources are to be used by the administrators to server the needs of the community, Administrators are required to utilize these resources to implement any features or ideas the community agrees on.

we should add language to describe a formal process for collecting money for annual payments.

we should also add language to describe a formal process for dealing with running out of resources.

we should also add language to the effect that hosting provider should not be changed except under very extreme conditions to minimize dns instability and the pain of migrating emails boxes and stuff like that.

cheers, Alaa


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Suggested section for the hos

Suggested section for the hosting:

The hosting provider is to be changed only with the approval of at least 3 administrators, stating a good reason for the change in public.

Alaa: do we really need this ?? I mean, who cares if you changed the hosting ? admins are the most technically-superior afterall, and to end-users it's the same.

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That's the spirit

Not a bad idea. Reduces effort required to switch hosting for whatever reason, while at the same time other sections have guaranteed the accountability of admins to the rest of the community.


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administrator consensus

I think all administrator decisions should be agreed upon by all administrators.

its a bit hard to for them to work together as one unit, having access to all files databases and stuff unless they either agree completley or they specialize (ya3ni this admin takes care of drupal files, that admin takes care of email accounts etc.)

now specialization doesn't make much sense since the whole point of having more than one admin is to make sure works gets done when its needed not when the admin feels like it.

mutliple admins is not to ensure democracy its to ensure fast response to dynamic requirements.

what do you all think?

cheers, Alaa

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I think we just keep the bit in the original charter where it's admins who pay for hosting and domain. Several reasons.

  1. When you pay for something, you get a feeling of ownership; this is good. When we start getting admin turnover, this will mean that more people will have contributed financially and will therefore be more devoted.
  2. Easier; they're closer to the hosting company and can therefore do it the easiest
  3. Most obvious solution. I don't go for donation collection; this is more visible than just admins pooling their funds, and could raise questions regarding the legal status of EGLUG.


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This is just a place holder policy to be frank I didn't spend much time thinking about it.

anyway your points are valid and make mucho sense, I was trying to protect against admins turning into a junta, but I guess sharing the cost won't be much protection.

any reason why who pays for hosting should be in the charter and not here though?

cheers, Alaa

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Final comments

  • Kill the FTP idea.
  • No language to describe collecting annual payments; this is not happening. It will continue not to happen until/if EGLUG is a formal entity.
  • And the rest of my comments above. Otherwise, good to go.


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