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al salamo alaykom !

well, thing is, we're (by we i mean me and the other 2 ppl working on the graduation project) are completely inexperienced when it comes to rss feeds... we never heard about rss until about a month ago... so if anybody can possibly help out with info about that, or any tips we might find useful, or any relevant info id be more than grateful !

p.s. any better ideas for a graduation project (related to web services) is way more than welcome :)))

thanx, randa

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I hope this'll help you: http

What scripting/programming language you'll use ??

Mayby I can try and give you tips.

thanx !

al salamo alaykom !

thanx for the reply and the info... i did a lot of reading these past 2 days on RSS feeds (as much reading as i could fit into my tight schedule and with midterms going on).... so i think ive got this generic idea about whats going on and what are rss aggregators and all that...

were supposed to use C# (dot net)...i know how u guys in this group are into open-source so ure probably not happy about this... but i dont really have a choice... i dont have the required time to start LEARNING all about linux and rss and all in a few months and starting a new project all over... so if u can still gimme tips after ive told u my darkest secret id be real grateful ! :)

greatly appreciate the help, randa

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oh well

randa please make sure to login before you post, or else it takes time for your comments to show up.

I don't think anyone here has enough experience with the .Net platform to offer any help, we do have two Free/Open Source implementations of .Net and C# though.

and BTW you will not need to learn all about GNU/Linux to do such a project you'll only need to learn about some webdevelopment platform/language like PHP, Python, Perl, Zope or even Java.

anyways I doubt you'll find extensive libraries that support RSS for C#, what you want is to find a good XML library (and a good RDF library if you intend to support RSS 1.0) and build on that.

its a pity you'll abandon the FOSS approach, if you go with a popular FOSS platform you'll find lots of nice libraries to use to help you and you'll also find lots of projects to check and learn from, plus lots of discussions about the caveats and special techniques required to make RSS based apps.



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RE:RSS feeds

here some links it maybe usefull for u: RSS Bandit: rss feeds reader writen in C# and here u can search for all programs which had writen in C# u can search in this categories for "rss" to see all C# programs that can read rss feeds and at last open source development platform for .NET framework for linux

thanx ppl !!

al salamo alaykom,

alla thanx for telling me 3al logging in before posting a msg da, i had a feeling something was wrong and then now it clicked.... :) about not having to learn linux and all, i asked my univ dean if i could use some open source programming language, he was completely with java but against php... im into java, ive written a few programs in that so were actully giving it a thought... point is, we gotta have TA's at univ who're gonna help us with the programming language we use... so if i pick one and theres no one around who can help me with it then i gotta change it.... :( so ill try and find someone tomm. inshallah :)

Tw33Ty, thanx for the links, ! i owe u bigtime !


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