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Report On EGLUG`s Alex Members First Meeting

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ok guys at last we had our 1st meeting after more than month of talking about it and only 3 members come to`s was in El-Salam fun center in SidiGaber near the sea.

Who attended the meeting:

  1. Ahmed El-Sherbiny ( ShErbO )
  2. Ahmed El-Makawy ( Linuxawy )
  3. Sherif Nagy ( DarKnesS_WolF )

Almost we was there before 8:05 PM ( Linuxawy and me ) ShErbO was already there before 8:00 PM we waited a Little time before we start talking , and we almost started at 8:30 PM when no body ales come, and we started talking about some topics:-

Have Some Activities In a Friend Net Cafe:-

DarKnesS_WolF start talking about if we can do some free courses on some friend net cafe, and here is the points:-

  • The Cafe has 8 PCs and we can Install Mandrake on all of them with window$.
  • The Student will pay the Rent of the Pc (1.5 L.E / Hour ) For the net cafe owner , the EGLUG`s members will give the courses For FREE as volunteer work.
  • It`s Will be beginner Course. and we suggesting (Members In the Meeting )this course as a begging:-
    • Foss in general and installation.
    • Daily Using ( KDE and Gnome ) Head Lines.
    • Mandrake Control Center.
    • Some Commands such as ( cp , mv , ls , less ,cat , mkdir , rm , top , head , tail, etc.. )
  • print and photocopy some legal materials ( when he got a photocopy machine )

the owner of the net cafe had agreed today with DarKnesS_WolF on the phone. and he waiting 1st 8 students and the time to start.

Cooperation With Life Makers Alex:-

Linuxawy Start talking about what we can do for life makers alex and what they need , there is was already connection by emails and Linuxawy will Set us a Meeting with life makers alex members this week to talk about:-

  • Who will give the courses.
  • do we will teach the students or we will teach the people in life makers alex. and we suggesting to teach for the life makers people and some students in the 1st and then we see how it`s will goes.
  • they need a full course, Linuxawy and ShErbO suggested to do beginners course 1st as described above and then Advanced one and see if the people will sign in for the Advanced or we turn it to another beginners course.

and those courses will be totally FREE , 0 Cost.

Helping mo3ida in Faculty of Science Alex In Teaching GNU/Linux:-

we can say the points is:-

  • she need the course head lines.
  • she want to understand the course. and some backup.since she don`t know lots of stuff about Linux.

so we think we need a meeting with her to know exactly what she needs about that course but we think beginner course as described above will be good with alot of extra commands , how the system works and some compiling stuff to show how powerful the system is.but in that case we will need lots of help. ShErbO and DarKnesS_WolF ready to set with her and explain as much as they can about the system. and we are waiting to meet her 1st if when can and we are waiting Linuxawy to set us.

some other suggesting

  • we need a way to get more users in Alex
  • we can talk to something like asr thakaft sidigaber ( asr el tazawk ) to give free GNU/Linux courses there. but it`s may take some time.

and we finished the meeting almost at 9:45 pm.

P.S: some Pics will be posted with Linuxawy send them to me. any comments and feedback please comment.


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Nice work

Very nice effort guys. Go on.

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More users in Alex

I think u'll get new alex users from the students u'll teach in the courses, of course not all will become active users.

plz invite all the ppl u'll meet in the courses to become EGLUG members (to register on the web site), and to visit our channel on the irc.

Great work ya shabab, good luck :)))

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