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Linux OS overview benefits

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Cause of the last days mostly talking about GNU/Linux as the present/future OS and all organizations on all over the world aware about it and follow it as it's the Perfect efficiency, Low Price: (You don't need to spend time and money to obtain licenses since Linux and much of it's software come with the GNU General Public License),

Stability: Linux doesn't need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels. It doesn't freeze up or slow down over time due to memory leaks and , Great in performance provides persistent high performance, Network :client and server systems can be easily set up on any computer running Linux. Flexibility: Linux can be used for high performance server applications, desktop applications, and embedded systems. You can save disk space by only installing the components needed for a particular use.

Compatibility: It runs all common Unix software packages , Windows apps. and more powerful applications and can process all common file formats.

Choice: The large number of Linux distributions gives you a choice. Installation: user-friendly installation and setup programs

Full use of hard disk: Linux continues work well even when the hard disk is almost full

Multitasking: Linux is designed to do many things at the same time (GREAT , intelligent and powerful scheduling for tasks )

Security: Linux is one of the most secure operating systems. "Walls" and flexible file access permission intelligent systems prevent access by unwanted visitors or viruses.

Open source: If you develop software that requires knowledge or modification of the operating system code, Linux's source code is at your fingertips

And More …. More more more………………

Today, the combination of inexpensive computers and free high-quality Linux operating system and software provide incredibly low-cost solutions for both basic home office use and high-performance business and science applications

MAY always will be one question ( WHY ) ; Windows is simple for End-user uses and no need for complexity , that's right ; but first Computer days it was also the Batching , MS-DOS and windows were a complexity and the computer it self was a complexity , something more is that in the near future all PCs running windows at the current days , they'll run Linux that provides incredibly low-cost solutions for examples like the big Organization , Corporation and Foundations (Jaguar , Ford ….) so due to that we hope that we can present you a way to follow it to be able to act with this OS revolution switch

yours Mina r.

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