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Meeting About AAST

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we had another small meeting to talk about what kind of events we can do @ aast and also we talked about some other topics

people attended :

  1. ShErbO
  2. Mina_linux_tux
  3. deftones
  4. Kiven_09
  5. DarKnesS_WolF

we started at 7 , all of us was there befour 7 excpet deftones who was late for a while but mina_linux_tux told us he will be late . 1st we talked again about the courses and then what we can do at aast

Alex courses in net cafes

we talk a short time talking about it cuz mina_linux_tux and deftones wasn`t in the 1st meeting .. we talked about the course head lines and it seems good we will use mandrake 10.1 and mandrake docs as material ... we are wating for our 1st 8 students to start. and mina_linux_tux can give advanced / programing under linux courses if it`s needed. we want to make the 1st course as a test to c if we want to add or remove anything from the course it self so we guess it's better to be for our friends , and it will take about 8 ~ 10 hours. mina_linux_tux will talk to another net cafes to see if we can give free courses there too

AAST events

mina_linux_Tux talked about about what he had reached with aast guys , thay can give us lab to do semminar or installfest and IEEE can give a semminar with us too if we want. and he will set a meeting with the aast guy and the event will start in the beginning of the 2nd term since exames are close ..

i guess that was all

P.S guys from the meeting if i forget anything feel free to post it ;)

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